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JOHN HUDSON-MAYFAIR for recording and mixing

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Chat, Mentoring & Counselling

We believe the "problem" is the problem - the person is not the Problem.

"Got a problem, feeling isolated, don't know where to turn? 

We can help.  We've been there and done it for 30 years. All the dramas of everyday life - the dreadful downs and the fantastic ups. Dealing with every day life or banks, lawyers and accountants can be fraught with problems. Talk to someone who understands.

We will will be your completely unbiased sounding board, and listen to your plans or your problems and try to help you find your way.


When John and I first started Mayfair it was a tumultous time of hope and fear and excitement. It drew on every ounce of courage that we both had.  I was very lucky as I had a mentor who helped me find my feet in business, and for a number of years my mentor was my rock. He was always there to guide me in times of trouble"

I ran the admin/financial side of Mayfair Recording Studios for 30 years. 30 years in which the studio thrived until 2008 when the whole world imploded.  John and my experiences in establishing the business, dealing with popstars, banks, lawyers, and accountants and just the incredible loneliness sometimes of being in business is all experience you can call on.......Kate