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JOHN HUDSON-MAYFAIR for recording and mixing

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JOHN'S Instant know how ... TIPS  

Recording your own trax??  
I've written a series of micro tutorials to help you understand the basics of recording and mixing, get great sounds and save hours of experimenting with microphones and studio gear. Benefit from my 25 years of recording top artists right in your home studio.

Topics such as mic placement, eq'ing in a mix, using compressors, recording vocals, etc.

In the future I will release different Know-How Hot Tips from my experience built up over all those years of making Hit Records. My 167 Top Ten Hit records and 3 Grammy Awards can help YOU sound like a professional fast. You will be amazed at what you learn.

  • Build up a collection of these priceless tips - things you will never learn in college.
  • Fantastic value from a true expert
  • Get straight to the point, save hours in the studio.
  •  little 2/3 page snippets full of vital info

Things you never thought of or were ever taught in college.There are more tutorials in the pipeline so watch for them as they become available.Don't wait till it's too late!!!  Now is the time to experience this tutorial.

This is a John Hudson Mayfair downloadable product (PDF file).

copyright John Hudson 2010

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