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JOHN HUDSON-MAYFAIR for recording and mixing

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John Hudson's SOUNDBUSTER Mix Preset - Pro Version Download


Product Description

The secret weapon behind your mix!!

SOUNDBUSTER Mix Set Up preset  - PRO Version  -   for Protools 10 and all HD versions


See the Product Reviews  (unfortunately these got deleted due to spam. Working to fix it.  content of review below.

5 Stars

Excellent tool, great help

Posted by AudioTrip Productions on 9th Jun 2012

This template really helped me to achieve a professional by reorganising my projects according to this new set-up. I have more creative control while mixing and the result speaks for itself. A great start-up point and one may extend and adjust according to what type of music, project it is.

Really happy and would surely recommend for other producers.


Product description

With Soundbuster Presets you can have your mix sounding great in minutes using Grammy award winning pro John Hudson's favourite sounds and compressor settings and using just BASIC Pro Tools Plug-ins.

 "getting your mix sounding great while keeping good separation of all the instruments can be the biggest challenge in mixing.  To give you that secret weapon and a great start to your mix I also sprinkled a little Mayfair Magic in my Presets."

                                                               .....John Hudson (Soundbuster guru)


  • Instant great sounds, eg: Drums, Guitars, Vocals
  • Relative EQ and FX is set between all your main instruments, so everything is separated and not all in the same space 
  • Only basic Pro Tools knowledge required
  • 10 instruments, Add or delete tracks to suit your recording
  • Only small tweaks should be necessary to get your own vibe going
  • Effects variable with tempo

 After following the simple instructions included with the Preset, you are all set to start mixing.


 What do I get

  • When you checkout you will be sent a link to the download files.
  • Download the Soundbuster Pro Tools session file and 2 instruction/info files (PDF & Excel Spreadsheet). 3 files in total. 
  • Open the Soundbuster Pro Tools session, after making a backup.
  • Then import all your audio onto the Soundbuster trax and you're ready to rock.
  • Don't forget to read the instructions on each track and the comprehensive set-up-my-mix XL sheet. There is also a pdf diagram of the mix layout so you can see the grouping. Please look at all the instructions before you get started.


 List of Pro Tools tracks:

  • Drums..  Kick, Snare, Hats, two toms, two overheads - 9 mono tracks
  • Bass guitar amp and DI - 2 mono tracks
  • Two electric guitars, mono   - 1 mono track each
  • Acoustic guitar, mono - 1 mono track
  • Percussion mono - 1 mono track
  • Background singers - 2 mono tracks
  • Lead vocal - 1 mono track
  • Stereo Keyboards - 1 stereo track


Grouping & FX:   All stereo tracks

  • Two main compressor groups
  • Drums mix group
  • Drums compressor group
  • Bass group
  • Guitars mix group
  • Instruments mix group
  • Backgrounds mix group
  • Lead Vocal mix group - useful when adding more vocal tracks

  • Snare Fx track
  • Two guitar FX tracks
  • Acc FX track
  • Two lead vocal FX tracks
  • Dpp-1 Pitch: we now supply alternate FX setup using RTAS plug-ins for Pro Tools 9+

Record Track & Monitor:

  • HD users can delete the Aux Monitor track and monitor via the record track set to input.
  • RTAS users use the Monitor (Aux) track keeping the Record Track muted until checking back the mix.

Not enough tracks? 

If you have more tracks than we supply here simply duplicate the ones you need. There's full details on how to do this included when you purchase the product.


Extra Instruments and FX.

We will be releasing a new Soundbuster Mix Preset for more instruments, including real string and horns sections, background vocal groups plus more electronic and acoustic instruments, extra effects and Grouping in 2015.


Technical Specification.

 There are 2 versions available:

Pro Version: THIS VERSION:   For Pro Tools 10, 9 and all HD Protools.

PRO version is supplied with TDM plug-ins but will revert to RTAS on non HD systems, eg: Pro Tools 10

LE version: For Pro Tools LE 7 and 8 only. (Pro Tools with no delay compensation).

Macintosh computers only.


List of plug-ins: 

Soundbuster Preset uses Digidesign Bomb Factory BF76, EQ3, Comp/Lim3, Dyn3, Pitch DPP-1, SansAmp, Delay, DVerb, MoogerFooger You will need to have these plugins on your computer.  Most Plug-ins are available in TDM and RTAS.

DPP-1 is only available in HD. For non-HD use there is an alternative set-up on an additional fx track

Please note:
If you are not an experienced mixer/engineer we strongly advise you to purchase "Instant Know How: Basic Mixing Eq... "   in order to get the full benefit of John Hudson's expertise.

If in doubt about available plug-ins, please check with Digidesign/Avid.  Some free plug-ins are available to Pro Tools 9 users.

follow the link here:   Click to go to Avid


"Soundbuster Mix Presets:   Copyright John Hudson 2010-2014

"Pro Tools" Copyright Avid Technology, Inc.


But before we go any further, I need to remind you that any information presented on this product is solely for informational purposes only. I make no guarantee that any of the information is accurate or complete. It is purely my opinion based on many years of experience. I cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by misuse of the product or reliance on any of the information or advice provided here.  This is NOT LEGAL or PROFESSIONAL ADVICE! Any use of the product is SOLELY at your own risk.

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Product Reviews

  1. Take your mixing from zero to sixty! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2016

    My name is Reed Thomas Lawrence and I am a Los Angeles based singer songwriter & musician who has worked w/ names like Dean Butterworth (The Used, Good Charlotte), Adam Topol (Jack Johnson), Chris Joyner (Jason Mraz, Ray Lamontagne), Steve Brewster (Dierks Bentley, Jewel, Little Big Town) Jeff King (Kelly Clarkson, Reba McEntire) and Blair Masters (Jerrod Niemann, Garth Brooks).

    I have always struggled mixing my own music which has limited my work when pitching to artists, labels and producers. Unless I had access to a full studio, & had a big budget for recording/mixing, I could not record & mix at a level that would achieve the sound that the pros were getting. This obstacle held me back for years from being able to freely create & pitch my music due to the fact that my home mixing could not compete w/ what was on the radio and what was being pitched by other top studios & artists.

    After years of tirelessly trying to teach myself the black art of mixing, I finally came across John’s work & his site with countless tools. His mixing templates have helped me not only understand how to properly setup a mix and master session, but they have taught me by seeing how a pro sets his eq, compression, fx and routing for each individual instrument & section. John’s templates, specifically the Max It Mastering Simulator & Soundbuster Pro are some of the best setup templates that actually work like they say they do. With years of experience, John has created the best possible setup for mixing and mastering to take your final mixes to a professional level.

    I finally feel like I am achieving a professional sound thanks to John and his generosity for sharing his skills through years of experience. Thanks John for everything you do and for helping me take my mixes from zero to sixty! Without you I would still be banging my head against a wall trying to learn the intricate art of mixing.

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